How to choose curtain for my room?

How to choose curtain for my room?
July 8, 2018 Curtone

Room without curtains is a love without emotions. Curtains are one of those important pieces that can set tone of your room. For this CURTONE brings you a guide to select best curtains for your room according to your mood and need.

To set tone of your room according to your personality, style, mood and thoughts, we have favorite genre of curtains that everyone is liking and obviously you will like it too. Explore our exclusive section.

Coming onto the other important things to consider, I am now going to explain each one by one.

  • Functionality: Choose the function of your curtains. For example, whether you want privacy or less sun light in your room we recommend you to go with heavy fabrics. In case you are looking curtain for room or living area, it is generally recommended to opt for sheer curtains or light weight curtains to add more natural light into your room to give it brighter look and natural hue. Moreover exclusive curtains on brings a new range of curtain with gestures on it to welcome your guest in unique way.



  • Measurement: A correctly mounted curtain will not only enhance the look of your room but also make your room feel bigger. Click on this guide to get comprehensive detail about selecting length of curtain for door and windows. We recommend to choose long curtains to give perfect look to your room.

  • Material: when it comes to material, it is good to consider two factors. First, how much amount of sunlight you want in your room. For example, heavy fabric will block most of the light in room while light weight fabric will allow more sun light to enter. Second factor is the mood and decoration of your room. Heavy fabric generally give more traditional look. While light in weight curtains result in more casual and minimalism look. Moreover we always recommend our customers to go with silk or polyester fabric for its durability and strength.

  • Color: now, whether you want your curtains to blend into the décor of your room or you want them to have an extra attention, color brings it for you according to your choice. Light and neutral colors are generally mix with décor of your room e.g. white or ivory color. On the other hand colors like blue, red, grey or bolder colors gives bolder look. You can also opt colors matching with your furniture or contrast to the furniture and walls of your room.

  • Prints: not last, but important point to consider is to go with printed or pattern fabric or to go with solid fabric. The key point is if you already have patterned walls or patterned furniture in your room, then it is best to opt solid or plain curtains. Otherwise if wall or furniture of your room is not patterned and have solid colors then you should opt for patterned curtains. Our exclusive printed curtains are designed to bring life and emotions in your room. Have a look at these curtains on and I promise you will never disappoint with your choices.



Hope you got all the necessary information that you were looking for selecting the right choice of curtains for your room. If you still feel unclear then you can book a call from our executive who will guide you on call and clear all your doubts. For more information regarding home décor visit CURTONE at