How to choose correct size of Curtain?

How to choose correct size of Curtain?
July 8, 2018 Curtone

A correct size of curtain is must for enhancing the look of your room. Whether you are shopping ready-made or made to measure curtain from CURTONE, we are here for guiding you to measure accurate curtain length and width.

Note that to use metal tap for measurement with better accuracy and follow our guide on how to get correct dimensions for your curtains.


Measuring Curtain length

First, decide where you want the end of curtain to hang.

length of your curtain

While measuring curtain for windows, it is better to choose long curtains. It gives royal look to your room. you have other options also which is shown in picture below.


Option A: Keep the end of your curtain above the sill of your window.

Option B: Keep it 3 or 4 inches below the sill of your window.

Option C: Hang the end of your curtain down 2 or 3 inches above floor.

Option D: Hang the curtain on the floor. For this add 5 or 6 inches extra length as measured in case C.

Tips: We recommend you to go with either option C or D. Because it enhance the look of the room completely.


For doors you can go with two option as shown in picture below:


Option E: Keep the end of the curtain 2 or 3 inches above the floor.

Option F: Extend the curtain on the floor for royal look. this is the most stylish preferred method as well.

Once you have decides the look of the curtain you want for your room, now its time to measure it by your own. it is very easy. Believe me. There is no rocket science. I have decided the process in two steps as shown in picture below:







Step 1: Keep the tip of measuring tape on the above portion of rod. ( Note: It is recommended to use metal measuring tape for accurate measurement)

Step 2: Stretch it to the point where you want the end of the curtain to extend.

Note it down on paper and that’s it. This is the required length of curtain. You can go either with ready-made curtains or custom-made. In case if you opt for ready made curtain, round off your measurement to the nearest available length available. Otherwise is giving you the option to buy made to measure curtains. Just you have to mention the length while purchasing online or you can also call us to customize the length while buying.

Things to remember: Measure at multiple points because Windowsills and floors are not always level, so measure at 2 or 3 points and use the smallest measurement to ensure the best fit.

Calculating Number of Curtains per pole:

Now when you have measured the length accurately, it is time to calculate the number of curtains to hang on one pole either for door or window.

A simple calculation is based upon the fact that 1 curtain is used for 2 feet wide space. That’s it. No hard science again. For example, if the window is 4 feet wide, putting two curtains on the window will give it a decent look.. Similarly for 6 feet wide window, 3 curtains will be used.

Putting more or less number of curtain than required would obviously going to ruin your window and door treatment. In this way you can calculate how many curtains do you need for your window or door.

Hope you liked the simplest way that i used to make it clear. In case of any doubt, you can call us or email us at


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