About Us

Decorating your new home or giving your current one a makeover, Curtone.com is your go-to online store when it comes to selection of new Curtains and other decoration needs. If you love the convenience of shopping online, then curtone.com has exactly what you need to make your entire home look absolutely fabulous.
Our online store has been flourishing since 2018 by offering customers a unique array of door and window curtains (our Custom Length option is a big hit). However, it doesn’t end there. You’ll find a wonderful selection of complete comforter sets, bedspreads quilts and more coming soon.
At Curtone.com, we pledge to bring you quality curtains at affordable prices. Questions about your order? No worries. Just email us at support@curtone.com. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you get the dazzling look you want for your home. Call or email us, our dedicated team will respond you as soon as possible.